The Bubble House, created by the avant-garde designer Pierre Cardin, is a wonder structure notorious for its festive parties and hosting grand events. Located at Cannes, this structure is aptly named as ‘Palais Bulles’ meaning palace of bubbles. The Mediterranean Sea and the Red Cliffs of the Esterel flanking the house, the panoramic aura stretches to the bay of Cannes.

The place is infamous for its night parties and events. The architecture is an expression of early habitat of man signifying cave dwelling. The house blends flexibility, harmony, beauty and balance to let imaginations flow free.
All the 28 rooms including the beds are adorned in the style of soap bubbles. The walls have no pictures but the floors from wall to wall are covered with carpets. The illuminators are specially designed to change the lights in accordance to the time of the day.

The house is 1200 in meters with amphitheater consisting of 500 seats. Reception room, a lounge, 10 flamboyant suites, Gardens and pools acquiring an area of 8500 square meters accessorize the grandeur of the palace. The 10 suites designed by the contemporary artists, Gerard Cloarec, Patrice Breteau, Jerome Tisser and Daniel You, François Chauvin add to the originality and panache of the structure.


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