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Let’s say you’re based in Europe, Africa or Asia. You’re seeking to turn your private residence, or public space, into a destination, as opposed to simply a location. Obviously, you’re seeking the Viterbo Interior Design experience.


Tracing its roots back 40 years, Viterbo ID is simply the best interior design firm around. Does that sound like we’re bragging? Well, maybe just a little…


Viterbo Interior Design was founded by Graca Viterbo. After opening its doors in 1971, in Portugal, Viterbo ID quickly became an international reference brand, winning awards, acclaim and satisfied clients along the way.


Viterbo ID doesn’t follow trends, it anticipates them. VID is known, around the world, for creating exclusive, personalized ambiances for each client.


Graca’s daughter, Gracinha, finished her degree in Interior Architecture at London’s Central St. Martin’s College of Art and Design. Then, Gracinha specialized in Decorative Arts at the Inchbald School of Design. Next, she connected with acclaimed South African decorator Kelly Hoppen, joining his top design team.


In 2002, Graca Viterbo decided Viterbo Interior Design needed to go global. That’s the same year Gracinha returned to Portugal, joining her mother at Viterbo ID. She assumed the creative lead in 2008.


Today, Viterbo Interior Design has offices in Portugal, Africa and Asia, taking care of the top design needs of the global community. Some companies claim they’re global. Gracinha Viterbo, who divides her time between Portugal, Angola and Singapore, is literally a woman of the world.


Whether for residential, or public spaces, Viterbo Interior Design brings a cutting edge, innovative and modern design scheme to all design projects. Sustainable design methodology and materials, always with an eye toward the eco-friendly, are utilized in every interior project.


Accessibility is crucial. With Viterbo Interior Design, your interior spaces can be understood, and enjoyed, by people with any disability.


For residential projects, the memories of adults, and dreams of children, can be incorporated into the design scheme. At VID, were known for making children’s dreams come true.


Our public space clients include the Real Vila Italia Hotel, Ideal Hotel, Plaza Hotel, and the Bela Vista and Spa Hotel. As far as private residences we’ve done, while you may have been in one, for a posh party or exclusive fundraising event, there’s a reason such places are called private…


You’ve achieved much that is great. You enjoy great relationships, both business and personal, excellent meals and exclusive vacations. Why not utilize the best in interior design?


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Viterbo Interior Design: Don’t you deserve the best?

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