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Have you ever wondered what it might be like to live inside a painting? Well, innovative designer Gracinha Viterbo, of Viterbo Interior Design, obviously has, and the result mixes art, and comfort, with timelessness.


Viterbo ID recently redid a 2,886 sqf family apartment at Ardmore place in Singapore. The yellows, orange, purple, blues and greens in the family’s iconic Warhol paintings served to spark the new design scheme.


Head Designer Viterbo loves to draw inspiration from personal items a family is close to. “It makes them relate even more to their home,” she says.


The Warhol colors are evident throughout the chic yet homey micro apartment. They occur as patterns on vases, throw pillows and carpets.


“I see what I do as an artist portraying life,” Viterbo states. “Each project tells a story and is built upon a story: My client’s.”


In addition to the influence of their art, the family made their very specific needs clear at the start of the redesign project. It was important that the new look be chic and fresh, but with an eye toward functionality.


According to the family, the living room had to accommodate casual family time as well as be the perfect party location. And the kitchen needed to offer a welcoming space for the entire family to gather, while still being highly practical.


Because of the family’s taller size, the new designer furniture offered a special challenge. They wanted it to make a statement, while still be proportioned for their build.


The finished living room offers vibrant soft furnishings, a modular sofa and vintage-style armchairs. And the kitchen, with a fresh choice, offers a starburst mosaic floor by Ann Sacks.


The Warhol color scheme continues in the kids’ bedrooms. The result, while practical in terms of storage and layout, is still dynamic and fun. And for those guests lucky enough to get a peek, the master bedroom beautifully blends leather flooring with high-end fabrics.


Viterbo has a unique way of explaining her design choices. “I love incarnating different styles for different lives, kind of like an actress playing completely different roles. Like Meryl Streep.”


Although based in Lisbon, Viterbo is currently involved in projects in Asia, Europe and Africa. She truly is a global interior designer for the 21st Century. For more information please contact us anytime.

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